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7 Little White Lies: The Conspiracy to Destroy the Black Self-Image


What is a lie? What are its effects? Can a lie be more dangerous than physical injury? Can it be more lasting and harmful than broken bones? There have been many things that have been said about people of African descent that number amongst the vilest of human utterances. How are African Americans affected by these mistruths? Seven Little White Lies: The Conspiracy to Destroy the Black Self- Image, posits that these "untruths" have been intentionally crafted to harm the emotional and psychological well-being of people of African descent. 


In this brilliantly written and illustrated publication Brother Jabari Osaze has dutifully breathed life into the visionary work of master teacher Dr. Edward Robinson and in doing so is living proof that the Ancestors live and work thru us.”

Anthony Browder, kemetologist, author of Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization


I have long thought of Jabari Osaze as an up an coming scholar.  This work shows that he has both arrived and cemented his place among scholars.  Well done Jabari and congratulations on an excellent new work!  We look forward to many more!

Runoko Rashidi, historian, anthropologist and Author of  Introduction to African Classical Civilizations

About the Publisher

The African Genesis Institute is a 501c-3, nonprofit, “school without walls”.  Its focus is to teach African American and Latino youth, ages 7 - 14, the correct history of their ancestors and ancestral home.  The mission of the African Genesis Institute is to raise the race and self-esteem of the students, improve their academic and financial literacy, promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage entrepreneurship.  The Institute's motto, "It is better to build a child than repair an adult", aptly describes the importance it places on our youth. For more information, visit

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