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Jabari Osaze has studied ancient Africa for over 25 years, focusing primarily on Ancient Kemetic (Egypt) history and spirituality.  Brother Osaze has led annual study tours to Egypt since 2002 in partnership with the African Genesis Institute. More than 3,000 people seeking to uncover the wisdom and accomplishments of ancient Africans have taken these epic journeys.  He has also led monthly tours of the world-renowned Egyptian collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  


Brother Osaze obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Africana Studies from Cornell University.  He began focusing on the practice of the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) ideal.  He currently serves as the Chief Priest of the Shrine of Ma'at.  Mr. Osaze obtained his Master of Science in Administration from the Metropolitan College of New York and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  In 2006, He and his wife Anika Daniels-Osaze co-founded the Center for the Restoration of Ma'at; an institution devoted to the application of the Ancient African ethical paradigm in our daily lives.  He is the executive producer and co-host of the weekly television show, Kemetic Legacy Today―the journal of Ancient Kemetic and Ancient African history and spirituality.  The consummate historian/priest, Brother Osaze teaches a variety of courses on ancient African history, and lectures on a wide variety of historical and motivational topics.  He is a proud resident of the village of Harlem, NY.


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