Browse though an array of subjects including history, medicine, science, mathematics, architecture, spirituality, and sexuality (single dvd: $25, 2-disc dvd sets: $50, 4-disc dvd sets: $100).

African Origins of Civilization

​Over 3 hours of information in a 2 disc set $50


  •  Who is the original man?

  •  Who are the mother and father of civilization?

  •  Who gave reading, writing, mathematics and  science to the world?

  •  Where is the birthplace of civilization?

3 Millenia of Excellence: A Brief History of Ancient Kemet's Major Personalities

Over 5 hours of information in a 4-disc set $100


  • Covers 3000 years of ancient history

  • Detailed History of Dynasties 0-30

  • Accomplishments of Great Rulers

  • Beautifully illustrated slides







Shackling the Black Child's Mind: Racism in American Cartoons

Over 3 hours of information in a 2 disc set $50


Topics included are:

  • Hidden Racism in Current Cartoons

  • The Black Savage Stereotype

  • The Effects of Television on Children of Color










African Ancestry Revealed: 

Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

Over 1 1/2 hours of facts about the racial background of the Ancient Egyptians, debunking four of the major false arguments for the European Ancestry of the Ancient Khamites (Egyptians). Understand why whites must continue to falsify their ethnicity. $25


Topics included are:

  • The Racial Origins of th Ancient Egyptians?

  • Diop’s  Melanin Dosage Test

  • Africa’s World Influence










Tour of the King Tut Exhibit at the Discovery Center

Over 1 1/2 hours of an exclusive tour conducted at the discover center highlighting artifact that were brought to the US from Egypt for the 1st time in 20 years! $25


This exclusive tour explores:

  • The Life of the Boy King

  • His Golden Artifacts

  • King Tut's family lineage










Imhotep:  Ancestral Paradigms of Excellence

Over 1 1/2 hours of information highlighting Imhotep's true history, contrary to pop culture media depictions. $25


This DVD identifies Imhotep's greatest roles in history:


  • Architect

  • Physician

  • Mathematician

  • Engineer

  • Poet

Ancient Egypt:  Birthplace of Medicine

Over 1 1/2 hours of information highlighting great accomplishment in the health professions including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and prosthetics $25


Highlights of the video:


  • History’s First Doctors

  • The First Medical Journal

  • The Field of Nursing

The African Origins of Christianity

Over 3 hours of information in a 2-disc set. $50

Discover the obscure origins of Christianity, the world's largest religious tradition.  These origins, which began in Ancient Africa and Mediterranean region, were carefully hidden. This lecture is not offered to dismantle the Christian tradition, but to reestablish its proper historical context.  It serves as a powerful clarion call for not only Christians but all those who practice Abrahamic traditions.    

Major Topics include:

  • Influences of Ancient Kemet's major trinity (Ast, Ausar, Heru) on the Christian faith

  • The Origins of the Virgin Birth, "Miracle-Work", and Resurrection

  • The Earliest Tradition of the December 25th Birth

  • The Contradictions of the Early Christian Fathers

  • The Diffusion of Kemetic Spirituality into the Mystery Traditions

Sacred Sex in Ancient Kemet

Over 5 hours of information in a 4-disc set highlighting the concept of sexual relationships in Ancient Kemet with practical instruction for today's relationships $100


Sacred Sex addresses 4 major topics:


  • Divine Sex amongst the Ntrw (Gods)

  • Sacred Sex/ Sacred Relationships in Ancient Kemet

  • Decoding Sexual Images in Kemetic Art

  • Incorporating Sacred Sex in your life

Echoes of the Ancient Mind: Kemetic Temple Architecture and Relational Mathematics    

Over 1 1/2 hours of information focusing on ancient wisdom.  Learn how our Ancestors used their relational minds to master multiplication and division without the use of a times table.  $25


Other topics include:

  • Ancient Wisdom etched in the Stone Walls of Ancient Egyptian Temples

  • How our African Ancestors encoded the Blueprint for Divine Human Being in the Structure of their Temples

  • The Big Bang Theory 

  • The Wisdom of Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths



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