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Join Brother Jabari Osaze for an amazing museum tour of the MET!

African Origins Met Tour-2.jpg

For more info on the museum tour at the MET in NYC or
to purchase tickets
click here

Join Brother Jabari Osaze for 2 dynamic international tours!


Visit for more info

Jabari Osaze will be teaching the following courses this fall. 
Register at

African American History Course 2021.jpg
3 Millennia of Excellence course 2021.jpg

Tune in to Jabari's new game show, the Africana History Challenge airing on his YouTube channel

Africana Game Show flyer.jpg

Jabari Osaze has been featured in the following documentaries

Buck Breaking doucmentary.jpg

Jabari Osaze was featured on a panel at the

Foundational Black American Conference in Atlanta

Foundational Black American Conference.j
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